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Family Law

The firm expertly handles a variety of family law matters and has an exemplary track record of resolving such cases early, and short of trial, through facilitative mediation, helping to minimize the financial and emotional impact that such cases have on a family. Alternatively, when an “amicable resolution” is not possible, the firm is very skilled in prosecuting the matter in court, as aggressively as is necessary . . . 

The firm’s divorce, Personal Protection Orders, and custody and support matters are handled principally by Mark Rossman and Linda Roelans Oszust, each of whom has substantial experience in managing the landscape of complicated and dysfunctional family matters. Though business lawyers don’t often step into the domestic arena, Mark has handled high-asset divorce matters for over 20 years and has proven himself in both areas of law, being the only lawyer in Michigan ever voted by his peers as a “Top Lawyer” in both business and family law categories.

The firm’s philosophy in handling family law matters is the same as in its business separation, which is to separate with the least amount of damage possible. But, when a fight is necessary, we are ready to pick up the bayonet.

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