Practice Groups

Business Litigation

We specialize in all manner of business litigation, whether the matter involves an internal dispute among a company’s fiduciary-owners or an outside dispute with a third party. As such, the firm regularly litigates matters involving business torts of various kinds, including fiduciary and statutory breach, breaches of contract, fraud, embezzlement, conversion of assets, and unfair competition.

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Business Transactions

The firm provides full-service corporate transactional services. On the corporate governance side, we provide clients with services including the maintenance of an electronic corporate book, conducting meetings and keeping minutes, ensuring notices and votes are done correctly, and otherwise protecting the officers, directors and managers of companies from the liability and exposure that arises in connection with the performance of their duties. 

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Estate Planning

Rossman, P.C. handles all assets of estate planning and probate matters. Our estates and probate group is focused on ensuring that your wishes are effectively communicated both during your lifetime and after your passing. We specialize in planning for high net-worth individuals, while also servicing clients of all wealth levels and have crafted plans to meet the needs of any potential client.

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Family Law

The firm expertly handles a variety of family law matters and has an exemplary track record of resolving such cases early, and short of trial, through facilitative mediation, helping to minimize the financial and emotional impact that such cases have on a family. Alternatively, when an “amicable resolution” is not possible, the firm is very skilled in prosecuting the matter in court, as aggressively as is necessary.

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Commercial Collections

The greatest recoveries in commercial judgment collections are achieved where the opening collection and seizure strikes are very fast, very aggressive and very unexpected, designed not only to seize and execute upon specific items of property – whether cash, accounts receivable, hard assets, property, etc. – but also, and just as importantly, to freeze the debtor by cutting off its cash flows, tying up its business and force it either to the negotiating table or into the bankruptcy court, where the creditor secures the very valuable assistance of a United States Trustee.

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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

The firm handles all aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. The firm’s clients include both creditors and debtors. The lawyers at Rossman, P.C. carefully analyze each case in order to decide whether bankruptcy or some other insolvency or asset-protection alternative constitutes a better course of action. On the creditor side, the firm is experienced in initiating and managing bankruptcy-related litigation, including pursuing fraudulent transfer claims, preference payments, the dischargeability of indebtedness, and more.

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Intellectual Property

Threats do not always manifest themselves in the form of lawsuits, and, sometimes, under special circumstances, methods of resolution outside of the courthouse and the public record must be considered and employed. Toward that end, we provide our clients with both preemptive and immediately responsive action plans when corporate assets are threatened.

Class Action

Our lawyers are skilled in handling class action lawsuits. A class-action lawsuit is a civil suit brought against a defendant by a group of people who have suffered an injury or other harm by the actions, service, or product from that defendant. When a case is awarded class-action status, it means that an individual or small group of plaintiffs will act as representatives for a larger group (or class) who have suffered injuries similar to theirs.