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Corporate Protection

Threats do not always manifest themselves in the form of lawsuits, and, sometimes, under special circumstances, methods of resolution outside of the courthouse and the public record must be considered and employed. Toward that end, we provide our clients with both preemptive and immediately responsive action plans when corporate assets are threatened.

Utilizing tools of private and open investigation, confidential resolution options, and by applying proven techniques of asset and reputation preservation, we can help protect your company and its executives when they come under attack, whether it be in the forms of false claims and accusation, extortion, criminal charges, theft and embezzlement, bribery, or sabotage.

The firm has strong partnerships with private investigators, criminal defense attorneys, turnaround experts, and business consultants, forensic accountants and forensic fraud investigators, mediators, and former prosecutors, whose services are employed as appropriate in such corporate protection events and who regularly form a part of our Corporate Protection and Crisis group.