Business Litigation

Rossman, P.C. has earned a reputation amongst the bench and the bar, its clientele, and its adversaries for very skilled, diligent, and successful representation of businesses in both state and federal courts throughout the State of Michigan. The firm’s attorneys are always prepared to try a case in the event that mutual resolution cannot be achieved.

The firm specializes in all manner of business litigation, whether the matter involves an internal dispute among a company’s fiduciary-owners or an outside dispute with a third party. As such, the firm regularly litigates matters involving business torts of various kinds, including fiduciary and statutory breach, breaches of contract, fraud, embezzlement, conversion of assets, and unfair competition. 

“The pandemic is peeling back the fiction of economic stability for businesses, individuals, and families,” said Rossman. “As we head into 2021, it’s likely that we are going to see an economic pandemic with collateral damage that will make the viral pandemic look like child’s play.” – Detroit Legal News, 12/14/2020