5th Annual State Bar of Michigan Business Law Symposium

“The Business of the Law Firm”

January 20, 2023
3:00 – 9:30

Since its inception, Mark has organized the State Bar of Michigan’s Annual Symposium on Business Law, in conjunction with the Wayne State University Law School and its Journal of Business Law. Over the years, the Symposium has grown to include dozens of the top practitioners and academics in the field of business law, as well as partnerships with DBusiness and The Litigation War Room.

The material and presentations from the Symposium provide an outstanding roadmap to the management and litigation of a fiduciary separation, as well as, more generally, resources for business owners and their lawyers alike, including presentations on negotiation, corporate governance, discovery, expert witnesses, damages theory, and pre-suit investigation and due diligence.

While all of these Business Law Symposia are instructive and interesting, the Third Annual event was what might truly be called “global omnibus,” with its two dozen speakers and wide-ranging expanse of subject matter that was covered over two nights in Grand Rapids in the beautiful mock courtroom of Fortz Legal. The State Bar of Michigan Business Law Section catalogued the Third Annual Symposium in its digital library in a very user-friendly format. All of the Symposia presentations and material can be found on the webpage.

The Fourth Annual Business Law Symposium is being held on January 20, 2022 at the Detroit Club and the event was recently featured in Legal News. This year’s program features over 40 distinguished participants, presenting on a variety of topics concerning, principally, the “business of the law firm.” 

“[T]he symposium focused on subject matter that is “very germane, as I am seeing more corporate separations since this pandemic started than ever before,” according to attorney Mark Rossman, who served as the principal moderator and host of the two-day event. – Detroit Legal News, 11/27/2020